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Introducing the Home Hub – a new way of proactively managing your property portfolio | 21 June 2017

Introducing the Home Hub – a new way of proactively managing your property portfolio | 21 June 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of our innovative, market-leading interface: The Home Hub. This is available with the latest release of Horizon.

The Horizon Home Hub allows users to Personalise, Analyse and Prioritise the information that is important to them. Offering real-time portfolio data at your fingertips, the Home Hub provides your information, how you want it, when you need it, through a visual representation of your chosen business processes.

Service Pack 5 comes with four starter Home Hubs for Property Managers, Lease Payable Managers, Facilities Managers and Accountants. These can easily be personalised further and new role-based Hubs can be created by your power users.

Use your Hub to gain a high-level snapshot of your portfolio in an intuitive way. The Hub highlights your upcoming tasks and reminders and even suggests their priority to proactively assist in your decision-making process. Red, Amber and Green traffic lights reflect the urgency and importance of your tasks.

Drilling down into the summary will allow you to access the granular details; for instance, you can review outstanding invoices, assess their urgency and authorise the expenditure in just a couple of clicks.

Integration with Google Maps offers a visual representation of your properties, with pre-configured queries to find information quickly. A user can drill to the related lease and asset details. Minimal training is required as the user experience is so intuitive.

Your Hub can be personalised to your own style and preference; choose a colour scheme to match your corporate branding; customise the layout for easier navigation, and select which gadgets will be shown to suit your requirements.

With all these great features, the Home Hub can be used as the central point to access your relevant information, highlighting what’s important to you and providing an intuitive alternative approach to the traditional menu system.

The Home Hub comes with the release of Qube Horizon 10.2 Service Pack 5, along with multiple other enhancements. To find out more, get in touch with one of our team today.

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Chloe Hibbert
Posted by Chloe Hibbert
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