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Corporate Real Estate Software

Corporate Real Estate Software

Our Qube Global Software corporate real estate software solutions offers extensive functionality, ranging from lease and property management through to transaction, facility, space and financial management. 

Capabilities include

Complete financial management

Gain a complete oversight of the primary drivers behind your financial performance (i.e. lease exposure, day-to-day costs, total cost of ownership or occupation etc.) – invaluable insight when making key strategy-defining decisions.

Enhanced transaction management

Ensure all transactions requiring input from separate parties – such as service providers and agents – are totally transparent. Also streamline specific tasks (including site selection, acquisition, financing, disposition, sub-lease) through the deployment of features such as workflows and assigned task role functionality.

Enhanced service charge management

Automatic landlord reconciliation ensures complete accuracy when making service charge calculations, while the software also enables users to draw direct comparisons over specific periods of time.

Simplify the rent collection process

Tenants can make rent payments electronically and split by multiple payees as required.

Full accounts payable capabilities

Our software manages all aspects of the accounts payable accounting process without requiring an interface with a different ERP system.

Enhance space optimisation

Ensure you are utilising all space across your portfolio as effectively as possible with our software’s specific space management functionality, which include stacking plans and visualisation tools.

Improved supplier intelligence

Gain a better idea of all previous, existing and projected supplier costs across all aspects of your property requirements ensuring you rationalise this area of your operations as much as possible.

Internal recharging

Reassign rental charges to relevant business units across your organisation depending on the specific space they use.

Manage all tenant income

Effectively manage all your sublets and other tenant income through our fully integrated lease management and accounts receivable tools.

Benefits include

Significantly enhanced business intelligence

Vision – our highly intuitive and fully integrated dashboard reporting tool – analyses complex data into meaningful trends displayed in an easy-to-understand graphical format. Compare all aspects of your portfolio’s past, present and projected performance against KPIs and draw on this enhanced business intelligence to make key strategic decisions.

Highly flexible

Our software has been designed to manage the most complex mixed use portfolios, ensuring you will always have an accurate, clear and consistent overview of performance.

Seamless cross-border portfolio management

Our software has been designed to support multi-region portfolios: in-built functionality meaning it can manage local indexes, income and cost codes, interest rates, banks, letters, customers and suppliers as required, while also pulling this information together for analysis at a company-wide level. Multi-language and multi-currency capabilities ensure complete cross-border functionality.

Seamless integration with other systems

We have significant experience of implementing our solutions alongside systems our users prefer to retain (i.e. ERP, GIS, BMS and other third-party solutions), ensuring they don’t have to worry about data duplication and ultimately receive a single version of the truth.

24/7 access wherever you may be

Second generation web design means you can access our solutions wherever you are in the world whenever you want.

Always on time

Automatic alerts ensure you never miss an important development (e.g. property, lease expiration or project date), thus giving you the opportunity to exercise your contractual rights with your landlord and suppliers in the most suitable way for your business.

Our experience

We have been providing property and facilities management solutions for 40 years’ and have more than 300 corporate customers worldwide, across both the outsource service provider and property occupier sectors. This experience means we’re able to provide solutions to our customers that enable their real estate teams to effectively manage their portfolios and add real value to their businesses.

Cloud and hosting options

Our CRE software is delivered using a method that suits you, whether that us via a Software as a Service model through our virtual private cloud or as an on premise solution.

Worker of the future and the evolving use of technology within the property industry
Worker of the future and the evolving use of technology within the property industry
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