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Property Management Software

Property Management Software

Independent research has shown that customers of Qube Global Software’s property management software have increased their profits significantly while they have been users of our solutions.

Our solutions enable organisations to streamline processes, automate their rental and service charge administration to maximise income and provide enhanced business intelligence to substantially improve their strategic decision making capabilities.

We have a number of property management software brands that have established a strong reputation for example our Horizon solution, which is known as being the most technically advanced solution in the market, and widely used in the SE Asia region.

A selection of benefits delivered by our property management software

Improved decision making

With our software’s market-leading business intelligence functionality, you will gain a complete overview of your property portfolio. Compare existing performance against KPIs, identify trends over time, forecast for the future and find out exactly where and how you can make improvements.

Scrutinise specific areas

While our software provides you with a total view, it also allows you to drill down into and compare specific locations and business units.

Visualise data

Complex reports that you generate are displayed through our easy-to-understand dashboard displays to ensure you identify trends quickly and easily.

Minimise risk

Base your investment decisions on data-driven factual evidence to increase your chances of success.

Ensure accuracy

Rather than relying on potentially inaccurate and complex spreadsheets, our software gives a factually correct overview of your property information.

Improve debt collection

Our software’s debt collection processes are accurate, efficient and allow you to concentrate your efforts elsewhere.

Ensure consistency

Our software’s structured and automated processes and configurable workflows enable you to work more efficiently, while also standardising working practices – which creates transparency across your organisation.

Structure resources appropriately

Ensure all the teams involved in your property management processes are working optimally – our solution shows you when you need to restructure workloads and/or resources.

Improve sustainability of your portfolio

Our software generates key energy usage data allowing you to establish footprints across your portfolio and identify potential improvement areas to work on with tenants and partners to make it more environmentally friendly.

Ensure compliance

Our software is designed to comply with local and international accounting legislation, industry body guidance and tax standards, which ensures your organisation is easily auditable in line with standard requirements.

Improved customer relationships

Deliver better service to your tenants through payment and self-service portals. Provide your customers with the information they want to help them improve performance.

Integrate with other solutions

Although our solutions incorporate complete property management and accounting functionality, our software can be integrated seamlessly with your existing systems.

Our experience

More than 250 property investment customers use our software, ranging from large international companies and funds through to smaller local organisations. These include Chinachem Group, one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong.

Our solutions also support a combination of property types – ranging from retail, commercial and residential to land assets. Our wide-ranging and comprehensive experience means we set the standard for working procedures and reporting practices in the industry.

"We have been really impressed with Qube Global Software's people, expertise and responsiveness to our requirements, and believe they are ideal long-term partners to help us to achieve our objectives." Chinachem Group


We will implement our software in the best way for your organisation. In addition to a standard ‘on premise’ model, you can also choose our Software as a Service model (SaaS) utilising our virtual private cloud services. Many organisations prefer this option due to its cost effectiveness and the improved service it can provide.

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